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About us

Here in Avan-Tec as part of Industrial Automation System Inc. we help to improve industrial and commercial processes through advanced technology, minimizing human intervention and optimizing the process to be more efficient, safe, and competitive. 
We understand that Industries such as pharmaceuticals, food, storage, plastics, packaging and dosing, bins, textiles, chemicals, and automotive among others, have unique needs that demand custom solutions. Our team spends time getting to know and understand your business and what you’re looking for in automation and control systems. 

Our Electrical Engineers with extensive experience covering dozens of industries and applications are committed to creating the best possible products for your business, with the utmost care and quality that you truly deserve.


With more than 25 years of experience designing and building control panels,

we are creative, we know how to interpret, develop, and engineer the automation process system according to your needs.

We recognize how to adapt a project to your demands. In each complication, we will be in charge of carrying out an adequate planning and control process that guarantees the fulfillment of our goals, meeting deadlines with efficacy and efficiency.

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