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Our Products and Services

We Design, manufacture and develop automation and control systems for applications in the Industrial and Commercial field such as movement, handling, transportation, selection, monitoring and ordering of merchandise.

We offer:

  • Security and protection systems.

  • Software update and hardware.

  • Control of industrial processes.

  • Power generation. 

  • Anti-explosive panels and for corrosive products.

  • Robotic (custom robotic machine).

  • Inspection systems.

  • System of water stations (pumping system).

  • Desing and manufacturing of Industrial Control Panels.

  • Illumination among others.

Design Service

The Avan-tec designers can bring decades of manufacturing process engineering and equipment design experience to your business. We have engineered full production lines and managed the fabrication, installation, startup, and de-bugging of those systems. We have also developed and delivered one-off custom machines and mechanisms for specific applications ranging from material manipulation to precision measurement.

As professionals in the field, we are creative, we know how to interpret, design, develop, and engineer.

Industrial Automation System recognizes how to adapt a project to your demands.

Building Panels

Fabricating Industrial and Commercial Electrical Control Panels and Automation Systems for a multitude of industries/applications for over 25 years.

We offer:

.Custom panel wiring for custom machines

.Custom switch panels

.Custom touch screen control panel

.And much more

Applies to Industries such as:

.Material Handling Electrical Control Panels

.Pump Control Panels and Systems

.Food Processing Control Panels

.Metal Forming Control Panels

.Plastics Forming Control Panels & System

.PLC, Data Acquisition Control Systems

.Municipal Motor Control Panels

.Hydraulic/Pneumatic Control Systems

.Lift Station Control Panels

.Industrial Process Control Panels

and more....

Software Management

Whether your project exists as a concept or CAD file, our engineers have the experience and expertise to take your design from any stage of development to a finished part.

With an excellent knowledge of computer assisted design software, construction, materials, business skills, and environmental design skills, our programmers can turn ideas into technical plans for prototypes using computer-aided designs and engineering software.


Contact us for a consultation on your next project. 

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